Our Services

Environmental Services

The professionals of EMTEC have provided a variety of technical services to clients in numerous fields.  The EMTEC staff has training and experience in all phases of environmental engineering services, and poses over 30 years of top consulting and management experience in both the public and private sectors.  Our knowledge of governmental regulations combined with strong consulting and management experience and the ability to apply proven technology make our services unique. EMTEC's environmental services are performed to assure compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and State Regulations.  EMTEC's project management offering include conceptual planning, operational analysis, scheduling, budget compliance and quality control. 

Environmental Permiting

  • Title V Permitting
  • Minor Source Air Permitting
  • Air Permit Compliance Testing
    • Stack Testing
    • Visible Opacity Reading
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits (NPDES)
    • General Permits
    • Individual Permits
  • General Stormwater Permitting
    • Construction Permits
    • MS 4 Permits
    • Industrial Permits
  • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCCP)
  • Stormwater Compliance Monitoring
    • Annual Storm Water Testing
    • Completion of Discharge Monitoring Records (DMRs)
    • Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluations
    • Stormwater Annual Reports

Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Phase II Environmental Site assessments (ESAs)
    • Soil Sampling for Contaminants
    • Groundwater Sampling for Contaminants
  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Transaction Screens
  • Environmental Auditing
  • National Environmental Policy Act Assessments (NEPA)

Indoor Air Quality

  • Fungal (Mold) Contamination Evaluations
    • Identification of Moisture Sources
    • Sampling for Airborne Mold Spores
    • Contact Sampling for Suspect Fungal Growth
    • Remediation Protocol for Fungal Growth
    • Remediation Protocol for Moisture Sources
  • Post Fungal Remediation Evaluations
  • Hazardous Air Pollutant/Contaminant Evaluations
  • Employee Exposure Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene

Asbestos & Lead

  • Building Surveys & Collection of Samples
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Cost Estimates
  • Project Designs & Abatement Specifications
  • Abatement Project Oversight
  • Bid Administration & Procurement
  • Air Monitoring (PCM, TEM, & Lead)
  • Final Inspections
  • Close-out Documentation

Remediation Services

The EMTEC approach to quality service and client satisfaction is providing a designated environmental specialist or project manager for each remediation project who is readily accessible to you.  Your environmental specialist or project manager is supported by a multi-disciplined, professional staff that includes planner, environmental specialists and engineers.  EMTEC is a compliance- and schedule-oriented firm with a strong commitment to providing you quality environmental consulting, engineering and management services. 

  • Hazardous Waste Removal & Disposal
    • Identification (Sampling & Analysis) of Unknown Substances and Materials
    • Classification of Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Substances and Materials 
  • Hazardous Chemical Removal & Disposal
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Fungal (Mold) Remediation
  • Remediation, Removal & Disposal of Illegal Landfills

Engineering Services

In connection with EMTEC's array of environmental services that we are able to provide to our clients, the staff of professionals at EMTEC are able to provide a unique set of Engineering Services to our clients, especially the insurance industry.  Over the past fifteen years, EMTEC has provided several of the following Engineering Services to the insurance industry. 

  • Structural Evaluations
    • Roof Systems
    • Structural Damages & Issues
  • Structural Design and Repair Recommendations
  • Lightning Damage Assessments
  • Cause & Origin Investigations for Water Infiltration/Damage