USDA Southern Regional Agriculture Research Center
1100 Robert E. Lee Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana

EMTEC was contracted to provide environmental consulting services in addressing fungal contamination and asbestos.  This project consisted of a multi-story Federal Government Building which sustained substantial damage from Hurricane Katrina.  The entire basement and first floor of the subject building was flooded creating extensive fungal growth within the entire facility.  EMTEC provided the following environmental services for this project:

  • Initial Fungal Contamination Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Specifications
  • Bid Procurement
  • Daily Remediation Oversight and Administration
  • Asbestos Consulting for Abatement of Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Asbestos Clearance Sampling and Closeout Documentation
  • Post Fungal Remediation Clearance Sampling and Closeout Documentation

This project was a $2.4 million dollar project involving extensive logistical coordination due to the area was still being partially flooded and no utilities on site.  All laboratory equipment was cataloged and tagged for identification and salvage.  All mechanical systems were removed, as wells as a significant portion of the interior of the building.  he project was completed within sixty days

Former Illinois Tool Works Building
3201 West 34th Street
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

EMTEC was contracted to perform environmental consulting services including a Phase I and Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, along with a budget to remedy all environmental conditions associated with the subject property.  During the site reconnaissance, the following was found at the site:

  • The property was listed on the Environmental Records as a CERCLIS site.
  • 3-4’ of unknown substance was discovered within a holding pit within the subject building.
  • Residue/sludge was observed within the trenches inside the building (utilized in the tool manufacturing process).
  • Two big transformers were observed on the northern section of the property (a liquid/substance was noted within the piping/conduit for both transformers).
  • Miscellaneous domestic debris was observed in numerous areas on the property.
  • The wood flooring located within the manufacturing area appears to be coated/sealed with some type of substance, such as Creosote.

After completing the Phase I ESA, EMTEC recommended and completed a Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment which consisted of the following:

  • Water samples were collected from the south holding pits to be analyzed for TCLP RCRA Metals, TCLP Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles, BTEX and TPH-GRO, DRO and ORO.
  • Two samples were collected of the unknown liquid within the electrical transformers and were analyzed for PCBs.
  • One Sample of the Wood Flooring was collected to be analyzed for Creosote.
  • Two samples were collected of a black tar substance (beneath the wood flooring) to be analyzed for asbestos content.

The Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment resulted in elevated levels of Diesel Range Organics within the south holding pits.  Furthermore, the wood flooring located within the manufacturing area resulted in elevated levels of Creosote.  EMTEC prepared a detailed cost budget to completely remedy the environmental issues with the subject property, which consisted of collecting and properly disposing all liquids within the holding pits and trenches within the manufacturing area, along with properly disposing of all flooring within the manufacturing area.


Pizza Hut
1516 North Highway 49
Brinkley, Arkansas

EMTEC was contracted to perform a Structural Evaluation with Repair Recommendations for the Pizza Hut structure.  The subject building sustained damage from a tractor trailer rig circling the parking lot and striking the corner of the structure.  EMTEC inspected the building to determine the structural integrity of the building, along with providing a repair protocol to properly repair the structure.